Why Learn First Aid?


According to the British Red Cross, basic first aid awareness in the public would have great benefit to the NHS, especially the over attended A&E departments. Over a third of all survey participants said they attended A&E because they were ‘worried and didn’t know what to do’. A further study found that when an injury could have been dealt with by first aid knowledge only 37% had received any and of those 56% had given it to themselves.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation claims that 50% of deaths from road collisions occurred within a few minutes of the crash, so there is often not time for an ambulance to arrive. However, if a person trained in first aid was on site, this could buy the injured precious time for the emergency services to respond.

These studies  demonstrate how first aid skills can and do save lives. We firmly believe that EVERYONE can learn the basics and as such our courses are designed with that in mind.


Accidents happen and when they do the human response is to panic. First aid training provides you with essential skills to effectively and calmly manage an emergency.


By learning first aid you become more alert to potential causes of injury. Consequently, it is often found that those with first aid skills live and work in safer environments. This increased hazard awareness also increases the likelihood that they will report health and safely concerns earlier which will ultimately result in fewer accidents occurring.


Swift, correct response to injury can reduce the impact of that injury. In turn this should reduce recovery time and get you, or your employees, healthy and back to work sooner.

Effective first aid training can lead to improved risk management, lower injury rates, decreased absenteeism due to injury and more efficient use of safely equipment and first aid supplies. In all, our courses offer not just compliance with legislation but also financial common sense.